Handmade with love By rural women artisan

Introducing Safe and Snuggly Toy range Our handmade cotton toys are crafted with the utmost love and care, using only child-friendly cotton fabrics. Unlike their plastic counterparts, these toys are free from harmful elements that could harm your little one's precious body.
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All our products are handmade by rural women, who craft these with love during their free time using pre-production fabric waste.
Women Financially Empowered
Women Financially Empowered

More than 50 Women supported financially through alternate sustainable Income.

Zero Carbon Footprint
Zero Carbon Footprint

All products made use minimal resources and water leading to sustainable range


All products are made using pre-production fabric waste , hyper-locally sourced

Meet our women

"I used to be dependent on my husband for all my needs. Now I make my own choices ."
Anokhi Saini , Stitching Artisan
"I wanted to live life my way. Now I feel more in control of my life.
Teena Sharma , Embroidery Artisan
"Now I don't have to think twice before taking any medical help for myself or my children."
Vandana Dhanka , Stitching Artisan
"I started living again by studying and working at center. It gave me a new meaning"
Chota Devi , Braiding Artisan
"I am able to afford to send my children to private school.It was my dream"
Mamta Sharma , Embroidery Artisan
"I am able to do work from my home now in my free time. I included near by women too"
Arti Sharma , Stitching Artisan
" I am able to support my husband now in sustaining my family"
Beena Ji , Crochet Artisan
" With my one year old, I am still able to work at my home making toys."
Seema Saini , Stitching Artisan
" Watching me my mother in law also started to work with me.Now we work together"
Barkha Dhanka , Stitching Artisan
" When people see my work and praise, it makes me incredibly happy"
Sunita Sharma , Eco Printing Artisan
" Making these small things help me be stress free and spend afternoons peacefully"
Meera Sharma , Embroidery Artisan
"I joined as a cleaner and now I work with all of them like equal. I enjoy my time at the center."
Meera Dhanka , Braiding Artisan