Meet our women

"I used to be dependent on my husband for all my needs. Now I make my own choices ."
Anokhi Saini , Stitching Artisan
"I wanted to live life my way. Now I feel more in control of my life.
Teena Sharma , Embroidery Artisan
"Now I don't have to think twice before taking any medical help for myself or my children."
Vandana Dhanka , Stitching Artisan
"I started living again by studying and working at center. It gave me a new meaning"
Chota Devi , Braiding Artisan
"I am able to afford to send my children to private school.It was my dream"
Mamta Sharma , Embroidery Artisan
"I am able to do work from my home now in my free time. I included near by women too"
Arti Sharma , Stitching Artisan
" I am able to support my husband now in sustaining my family"
Beena Ji , Crochet Artisan
" With my one year old, I am still able to work at my home making toys."
Seema Saini , Stitching Artisan
" Watching me my mother in law also started to work with me.Now we work together"
Barkha Dhanka , Stitching Artisan
" When people see my work and praise, it makes me incredibly happy"
Sunita Sharma , Eco Printing Artisan
" Making these small things help me be stress free and spend afternoons peacefully"
Meera Sharma , Embroidery Artisan
"I joined as a cleaner and now I work with all of them like equal. I enjoy my time at the center."
Meera Dhanka , Braiding Artisan