In any production facility upto 30% of fabric goes waste during the production cycle itself. This amounts to 17 million tons of fabric waste every year. This is fresh fabric Never used. Around Jaipur there are hundereds of factories facing similar problem of huge waste coming out of their factories.

We have collaborated with many factories around Jaipur from where we collect their waste and segregate the waste acording to size and color. This has helped us to make many fatories waste free and stop the waste going into landfills.

The segregated waste according to its type is then sent to the rural women working with us. The women according to the design brief and type of katran make various type of beautiful products that we being to you. The women in their free time make these products and geenrate a sustainable income for themselves. The small patches are stitched together as patch work, the long katran converted to ropes to make crochet and macrame products ,the bigger pieces are used to make toys.

Handcrafted patch work toilet pouch made from vibrant patchwork fabric